The new Madison Public Library completed construction in 2013. The Glacier Group provided energy efficient Magnetic Bearing chillers to provide cooling for the building. We also provided Custom Air handling units with energy recovery wheels that deliver conditioned air to an underfloor air system (FlexSys). The FlexSys underfloor air system provides improved comfort, energy efficiency, lower life cycle cost, and better indoor air quality – through conditioned air supplied by underfloor air distribution.


Glacier provided Dadanco Chilled Beams in this research facility. Active Chilled Beams can save fan energy with 50 – 75% less supply air being required.


Our team of experts are highly skilled in the application of water and ground source heat pumps. We are the leading supplier in Wisconsin; providing heat pumps to the Constellation Apartments and other facilities like K-12 schools, Offices, and Hotels.


The Wisconsin Union demolished the existing Union South and constructed the new South Campus Union to meet the evolving needs of today’s students. Primary components of this new facility include new meeting space, recreational facilities and food service venues. This building was certified LEED Gold. The Glacier Group provided Custom Air Handling units with energy recovery wheels that deliver more than 140,000 CFM to the building.


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